Tuesday, October 30, 2007

NaNoWriMo - Baby Can I Hold You.

Here is a quick run down on my NaNoWri Mo Novel.


Come and see what happens when two well meaning relatives try to play cupid in an online chat room.

Isaac Morris horse stud owner and horse trainer is well known around town as the local bad boy. He grow up as the kid with a tough guy image from the wrong side of the track, who hated rule and regulations of any sort. Isaac has a couple of secrets, secrets he wants no one to find out about or that image he worked so hard to build well be destroyed. So when the dog he inherited from his Great-Aunt Philana shows signs of arthritis and he is forced to make a visit to the local veterinary clinic he knows that at least one of his secrets could very well get out.

Ashley Bailey has come to the small country town to help her uncle in his veterinary clinic after he had a slight stroke and needs to slow down. To help her forget about the death of her beloved husband Ashley takes on the majority of the work at the clinic. What she never expected to was to find herself attracted to the local bad boy, nor does she know what to make of her growing feelings for her online faceless friend.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

It's Sunday Afternoon - Day 14

It Sunday afternoon, we've had some rain YEA (not enough) but some is better then none. I've spend the day writing, wandering around thinking about writing, then writing again.

So it is the end of BIAW and did I make my pledged goal? YES and some to spare. YIPPEE. On to the next challenge. I'm putting Tyler and Jackie to bed for awhile (which is were they nearly ended up today except his nosy sister and her pesky friend turned up uninvited. They can stew for a while. Anyway I'm almost half way to my word count for 'We Were In Love', 24,470 looking good for when I come back. (Now this all hinges on Tyler letting me get to work on a new book. I won...der, if I tell him to take a month, think about some nice romantic ways to woo Jackie, take it slow, real slow. Maybe, just maybe he'll listen.) OH and have a look at my pretty word meter thingy, cool hay.

The next three days I'm going to make sure I have all my character profiles in order and re tidy around my desk and just generally make sure my life outside writing is okay. I need to visit with at least two of my mum's (I have three, two mother-in-laws, how lucky can I girl be?) Do the washing, vacuum, cook, all the things I HATE!!!!

Well that's me for this wonderfully Sunday afternoon. I'm getting a headache, bum ache and my hand is hurting, so I will go and do something completely different. I might read, no that's no good with a headache ... I know I'll go and sit outside in the fresh air and watch the horses. That's nice and calming, well so my hubby keeps telling me. Bye.


Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sven Day Thirteen

I have put yesterday firmly behind me.

This morning I woke up with new optimism. No more feeling sorry for myself, there are bigger things in this world to worry about then a bad hair cut.

I had a good day with my writing 1500 words WOO HOO, back on track. I'm back in front with my pledge for BIAW, that's a good thing and I'm working on my project for NaNo 'Baby Can I Hold You.'

Things are not looking good for me to have 'We Were In Love' finished before NaNo still another 27,000+ words to go, but I should make a good dent in it so that is better then nothing.

Tonight I'm going to put some more time in Character Profiles for 'Baby Can I Hold You'. Once I've done that I'll give you a small run down on the characters and story line.

Well that's it for this sunny Saturday.


Friday, October 26, 2007

Sven Day Twelve

Have you ever had one of those days when you thought you should have just stayed in bed? Well I had one of those today, nothing really bad just miner things. So on a good note hubby is happy he is getting some money back from Tax, YEAH.

Haven't done any writing today, unless you count doing more work to character profile, which I know I can use as work for Sven, but not for BIAW so now I'll have to work really hard tomorrow and Sunday to get my word count back up. So there is number one reason for not getting out of bed. GOT NO REAL WORK DONE, SHAME ON ME.

On another note got my hair cut today, I've had it long (like half way down my back) for soooo long and today I went in and got it cut short. Now there is a story behind why I had to do this, last year just before Christmas I decided to go grey, (my natural colour) so I bleached all the dark brown out of my hair. How was I to know that you can't dye your hair grey, anyway Jim told me to go to the hairdressers, but No I had to do it myself. What I did was just about killed my poor hair. Anyway it had grown out enough that I could get it cut and not look like I'd joined the army and had one of their short back and sides cuts. Jim likes it (which surprised me because he likes my hair long.), my daughter likes it, it's now one colour or at least the colour is natural, but it is still soooo soooo short. I don't know weather to cry or just stay home and hide until it grows again. Sigh!!! I should have just stayed in bed. Sigh!!! If I drank I'd get drunk but I'm not a drinker (will not since my teenage years, drank enough then to last anyone a life time), so I guess I'll go and make a cuppa. And maybe try to do some work on one of my WIP's.

Sorry for the rambling, I seem to be doing that alot lately

Bye Hugs

Sven Day Eleven

Just a short post today, mainly because there is not much to tell. Only did 500 words yesterday, and I really didn't get very far, just kept going around in circles.

So I'm tired, not sleeping, getting grumpy and I have to go and do the Tax today, yeah late with that again. Well I'm taking my sorry ass off and going to try and get something, anything done before I have to go out.


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sven Day Ten

The going was tough yesterday. I got to my word count no trouble but I found it hard going for some reason, so my word count was split over 'We Were In Love' and 'Lovin You Against My Will' which is okay because I need to put some time in on 'Lovin'.

As you can see from my side bar I've added a couple of new WIP's 'Ace Of Hearts' is going to be the third book in the series with 'We Were In Love' and 'Lovin' You Against My Will'.

"Right Where I Need To Be' is a Short Story I wrote for a competition (not judged yet) but I love the characters so much that I thought I would see how I go expanding their story.

Now on a completely different note, I have some very bad people in one of my writing groups. As if I can't find enough things to let Little Miss Procrastination lead me astray on these bad people add more temptation in my path. So I'm going to share them with you, the first one is really cool, it's called Free Rice
http://freerice.com/index.php basically you have to work out the meaning of words and they donate rice to the hungry. WARNING:This site is very, very addictive.

The second site is Right Brain v Left Brain
http://tinyurl.com/2u6nqa so see what side of the brain you use the most, let me know how you go.

Well I really should be putting some work in on my writing, so better go. It's raining here YEAH, I love the sound of rain the should help get my juices going.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Day Nine of Sven

WOW I did it, I've made 20,000 woo hoo. Now I'm rolling 2,047 words today not bad. Just look at my word meter thingy cool hay. Doing BIAW really helps because I can't have a day off this week, I have to do my word count each day. I don't want to let Pam down after she took on the job at the last minute. So thank you Pam, you are my life line this week.

Tyler and Jackie are working along in harmony still, which is a good thing I think, I'm just waiting for the next bomb to hit. Funny thing about today though I wrote the Epilogue, for some reason Jackie needed to know that things were going to end okay, the poor love needs her happy ever after.

Anyway I need to go and let Pam know my word count for the day. Catch ya later.


Monday, October 22, 2007

Day Eight 0f Sven

Yes I know I missed a couple of days but I had my grandson for the weekend.

Anyway about my writing. Today was an up and down sort of day. I did get my word count done, well a bit more really, 1881 so that’s not too bad just not sure I’m happy with it yet.
I’m just about up to the 20,000 mark so maybe tomorrow.

Tyler and Jackie are heading into a easy stage of their relationship, a get to know each other again. This well be interesting, lets see what they throw at me this week.

I have eight days to do another 31000 to 32000 words. Yeah right. Great just another challenge. I’m off to bed. WOW and it isn’t even midnight yet, that’s a first for a long time.


Saturday, October 20, 2007

Day Five of Sven

Had a full day with my mum yesterday so didn’t get any work done on either of my MS’s, and I have my grandson for the weekend so it looks like I might be having a few days off. Now I know why we have 93 days to write for Sven.

So next week I’ll have to put the work in as I have BIAW with one of my writing groups. I’m hoping to get most of ‘Back To You’ finished over the remainder of this month. It’s a big ask but I know I’m up to it, it is all about challenging myself.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Day Four of Sven - Pushy Men.

Thursday and day four of Sven. When I first started writing 'Back to You' I thought I would write along the lines of a Sweet Romance, you know keep the bedroom door CLOSED.

Well it seems Tyler has other ideas. I spent half the morning arguing with him. I mean for heavens sake, he is just a character in my head. I should be able to control what I want in my novel right? Wrong, Mr. I Want The Bedroom Door Opened, nagged and nagged, I explained it was a Sweet Romance bedroom door closed. But no matter what I said or did, he was "open the bedroom door Sandie" so in the end I gave in and wrote the damn sex scene. If nothing else, at least it shut him up.

The thing is though, I am no where near ready for Tyler and Jackie to be doing the horizontal tango. He cheated, Tyler jumped a chapter or two just to get Jackie in bed. Men!!!

The good thing is I reached my word count for the day.

I'm finishing up a bit early today as I have a author chat to go to tonight. That should be good I love finding out how others write their novels, how they get their ideas etc. Tonight is with four crime writers, so looking forward to this.

I didn't get anything done on 'Clint's Adventures' so will have to work extra hard tomorrow to make up the word count.

Bye for now. Have a great evening.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Day Three of Sven

Well to day was not very productive as far as my WIP goes. My hand is giving me a mile of trouble, so thought I'd give it a bit of a rest today. I did get work done on my project for NaNoWriMo though, I've done the character profiles for both the hero and the heroine and an outline of the story. Most of it has been written the good old long hand, that way I didn't have to use my left hand. I'm thinking I'm going to have to go and see the Physio after all, which is a bit of a bummer.

Anyway my kids came to see me today, that's always good. I miss having them here, but kids grow up and need to have their own lives. Having my grandson staying this weekend, daughter and son-in-law off to a four wheel drive comp.

Did some research for the next installment of Clint's Adventure as well today. I also signed up for BIAW with one of my writing groups (gives me someone else to be answerable too.) That's it for tonight, I have to be up early tomorrow err, today so I'm off to bed. Catch up with you all again soon.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Day Two of 70 Days of Writing Sweat

Well day two of 70DOWS (Sven) and I’m on track. Yes I reached my target for both projects. ‘Back to You’ 1267 words and 724 for ‘Clint’s Adventures’. YAH me.

So Jackie had a confrontation with Tyler’s (girlfriend?) I have the question mark and brackets because the ‘girlfriend’ is the only one who thinks she and Tyler have an attachment. Now this has lead to more conflict for Jackie and Tyler. I have to say this is not how I thought this scene was heading, it just goes to show what happens when you take down the pesky storyboard.

Now with ‘Clint’s Adventures’, Clint meet up with a firefly named Felix. He learns all about fireflies and their habitat. His next adventure is going to lead him to the crocodile infested waters of Northern Australia.

Day One of 70 DOWS

Well all started on track, I got to my targeted goal 1,200 for'Back To You' which I'm pleased about. I'm at the part where hero and heroine are having some major conflict with each other.

Did I tell you who I have pictured for my hero and heroine?
No, I don't think I did.
Meet Tyler MacKenzie: Dylan McDermott - tall, dark and handsome.

And let me indroduce Jackie Donohue: Sandra Bullock - smart, sweet and sexy.

Now on to my second project for 70 DOWS, my children's story 'Clint's Adventure', well it seems I didn't do enough research on fireflies, so I only got 550 words on paper today instead of 700. Well I guess 550 is better then none at all.
It's heading to 2am here down under, I've spent too much time on the internet, so I'm off to bed. Hope everyone has a happy one. Bye for now.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Tomorrow is D-Day or DOWS (Days of Writing Sweat), it’s a bit likes Days of Our Lives it’s it? Like the tapping of the keyboard so are our days of writing sweat.

I don’t know if it was just one of those nights or if it was excitement at knowing I will be working hard towards getting my MS’s finished but I couldn’t sleep. No I was up all night even saw the sun rising, took some photo’s just to prove to my kids that I have seen the sun rise.

So I spent the night working on this site plus one other, did a bit of writing I think I got another 950 words down, so it was a productive night, but by nine o’clock this morning I was wiped out just went and crawled into bed for a couple of hours. Don’t think I’ll be doing that again tonight though, my thumb ached like the dickens most of the day. At least I now know I can type one handed fairly good.

My plan is at the end of my day I will hop on here and post my daily word count, for “Back To You’ and “Clint’s Adventure” that’s my childrens book. Which reminds me I have to go and do some research on fireflies.

Catch up with you tomorrow night, in the mean time have a good night, and a happy sunny day.

Friday, October 12, 2007


Well that is my goal, being organized, being prepared. I have spent today organizing my writing space. I’m doing another collage, I love have pictures over my computer, it’s just the pesky storyboards that upset my writing flow. So I have my collages, my space is nice and tidy (and if you knew me at all that is a major achievement on my part). The writing is coming free and easy; I was able to get 5,500 on paper yesterday and Wednesday, so I'm confident I'll be able to reach my targeted goals.

Today was a wipe out; I had a doctor’s appointment this morning and guess what? I’ve pulled the tendon in my left thumb, from playing the Play Station of all things, it’s not like I sit around all day playing the silly thing, I might have a game with my grandson once a week if I’m lucky. Well it’s not going to stop me from my writing, no way; I’m on a roll and rolling I’m staying. Then we had thunder storms around us all day, so no writing done but I did have a productive day.

Oh, last night at about midnight, I thought I would add a post over at 70DOWS, know what I did? I joined up again. Yeah now I’m down twice (I could just see my dad up above scratching his head and saying “You’ve got your self in a good pickle this time kiddo” and of course he’d be right. Then I got to thinking, I have a children’s book I’ve wanted to put together so now is as good a time as any, so that is going to be a small project for me to work on as well. So my commitment is 700 words a day for my children’s book and 1,200 words a day on my other WIP. I’m going to be a busy girl but I reckon if I can pull this off I will be able to work under all kinds of pressure.

Well that it for now I’m going to do some work on my WIP while there are no storms. Catch ya later.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Okay, I now know why I’m having trouble getting my stories on paper. I’m stifling my characters. I’ve done the plot plan (which isn’t too bad), the storyboard (the problem) etc, but the flow just it’s there. I’m writing but there is something WRONG. I have come to the understanding that my characters want free rein. (Which shouldn’t surprise me, I mean I hate being told how to run MY life, so why should they). So the storyboard is OFF the wall, I was spending WAY TOO MUCH time looking to see where I was going with the story.

I came to this conclusion while reading another author’s blog Devon Gray, http://www.authordevongray.blogspot.com. You know how you have read it all before but sometimes it takes just one small sentence or even a word from someone and it all just makes sense. Well that’s how it was when I read Devon’s blog, plus the comment from fellow RWAustralia member and NaNoWriMo buddy RachelC
http://rachelcharlton.blogspot.com/ it all made sense. I just have to go with the flow, let my characters (my very bossy characters) have free rein.

So now I have three stories to work on, two for 70 Days of Writing Sweat, (Back To You and A young Girls’ Dream) and one for NaNoWriMo (Untitled at this stage) although I do have the theme etc worked out.)

Right now I have to go check on horses again (had a foal in with the wrong mare earlier, all sorted now but just need to check that they have settled.)

So bye for now.

Saturday, October 6, 2007


This is the thing, after joining up for NaNoWriMo I was reading an email on one of my group postings about this site she stumbled across a few weeks ago. Yes The Seventy Days of Sweat Writing Challenge http://70daysofsweat.com/wordpress .

So off I go to have a look at what this is all about, it runs along similar lines of NaNo, just that you have seventy days (well actually, it’s 93 days) to get your MS finished. Cool. I’m in that, so I joined up, now I start my serious writing on October 15, instead of November 1. Good news is I can use this extra time to get my WIP finished or near too before I start NaNo. I have decided to start a new MS for NaNoWriMo. Came up with a storyline, theme, hero and heroine this afternoon. The 70 Days of Sweat Writing Challenge runs from 15th October 2007 to 15th January 2008. The rules are simple, just write 750 to 1500 words a day, but you only have to write for 70 days out of the 93 days.

So this weekend is going to be spent getting my house in order, so I have the time to write, write, and write. Oh did I mention I’m also looking for some part-time work, nothing like putting some pressure on yourself. Oh, and also RWAustralia are running a Boot Camp in November I would love to do as well. Yep this writing is taking over my life. And loving it. (She say’s in her best Maxwell Smart voice.) HEHE.

So it’s housework (hate housework) this weekend, planning and writing from Monday. (plus applying for employment positions)


"Writing Opens You To A Whole New World"

Okay, I signed up for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)yesterday. Basically the idea is to write 50,000 words in the month. Yikes!! What have I done? I mean don't I have enough people chattering away in my head and here I am inviting more in, oh well "the more the merrier" or so they say.

So here's the thing I have two novels on the go at the moment, which I hope to put a fair bit into this month. Yeah, this could be good. A test for myself, get these two books sorted and finished (yeah right) this month, or near finished and then I can start another one for the NaNoWriMo. I have no idea what I'll write about, so that's another thing I'll have to do, pick a story theme, then plan and outline where I'm going to go with this one. I think I might either:

a) Start on the third novel to go with my other two, (because they are going to be part of a series)

b) Write down some of the ideas I have floating around in my head and pick one out. That might be interesting, because I'll have no real idea where that might lead me.

Okay so I need to get to doing some work, enough chit chat from me for a while, it's head down, butt up (well in the seat anyway) and get some writing done.