Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Who is this Crazy Person?

Who would be the crazy person to decide to do 50ks in 30 Days as well as Margie Lawson’s Fab 30 in 40? Well that would be me wouldn’t it? Yes, for some peculiar reason I thought I’d be able to handle doing both at the sometime.

Anyway, I’m sort of keeping up with Margie, although I do need to read some of the other participants work and give my opinion. But as for the 50/30 (and I’m not even doing 50ks, just 15ks) I’m lagging way behind. I’m also a tad behind in my goals for Hunter Romance Writers this month.

Over the next few days I really need to get my butt in my chair and write like the devil is after me. I’ll let you know next week whether I made it or not. LOL.


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Regency Painters of the Regency Era

Much of the art works from the Regency Era were of landscapes and portraits.  Some of England’s greatest artists came from this era, and many were know for their work with oils and watercolours.

Today I’m going to share with you a couple of my favourite artists from Regency England and their works.

One of my favourite artists of this period was John Constable. John was never financially successful at the time although his paintings are amongst the most popular and valuable now.

What draws me to John Constable’s paintings is his love of the country side as depicted in these two paintings.

The next of my favourite artists is Sir Thomas Lawrence. Sir Thomas was known for his oil portraits of some of England’s most respected society members. Thought of   something of a child prodigy, he supported his at the age of ten with his pastel portraits.

Sir Thomas first royal commission was to paint a portrait of Queen Charlotte.

One of my favourite portraits by Sir Thomas was of Sally Siddons, the woman he loved.  The story goes that Thomas fell in love with Sally, but then turned his affections on her sister Maria before returning to Sally. When Maria became ill and on her deathbed make Sally promise not to marry Sir Thomas they never saw each other again. Thomas never married.  What a sad story.

So that’s the first of my favourite Regency artists blog. I’ll share more with you another day.