Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Shout Out ~ Hannah Bananna

I don’t normally say much about my life away from my writing. Well that’s my other life, the one I’d like to say is not as crazy as talking to characters and coming up with a good reason to keep them apart. If I’m honest both lives are crazy or is it just me?

However, this post is not about me, my writing, or my life, it is about one of my nieces whom I am so proud of. Last year Lee-anne decided to start making clothes for little girls to help out with finances. Nothing too big she thought just a bit of pocket money. Well her little project  Hannah Bananna is going in leaps and bounds. She has even expanded out into making clothes for boys.

She is very lucky to have her own ready made models with 4yr old twins Hannah and Jack and I think 6yr old Jayden (sorry Jayden if I’ve got your age wrong Great Auntie's memory is failing). Lee-anne also has a teenage son Zac, but I won’t embarrass him by posting a photo.

Anyway, I love this little pants suit Lee-anne made a week ago and Hannah looks just so cute in it. Very much the model pose.

I know this isn’t one of Lee-anne’s outfits but I had to show off young Jack skateboarding. LOL how he managed to carry that board is beyond me, it looks like it is bigger than him.

If you know of anyone looking for fresh, not to be seen on every child you pass clothes tell them about
Hannah Bananna Blog or get them to visit one of Hannah Bananna’s Online Shops.

Oh and check out the books Lee-anne made up for Hannah and Jack so cute. What a talented niece I have. LOL.    

I’ll be back doing regular posts again soon.