Sunday, January 26, 2014

Look Who's Talking - S.E Gilchrist

My first visitor to ‘Look Who’s Talking’ is sci-fi and contemporary author S.E Gilchrist

Thank you for joining me today S.E. 

Let’s hit the questions.

1. What couldn’t you live without?
     a) Computer
     b) Mobile phone
     c) Your car
Definitely my car.
I’d probably go for my computer, but then I don’t have a day job. Although getting down to see my mum would be a bit hard on my computer.

2. Hugh Jackman is coming to dinner, what do you cook?
     a)Lamb roast dinner
     b) Fish and chips
     c) Find out what Hugh’s favourite meal is and cook that.
None of the above since I’m a lousy cook, I guess he’ll have to make to with cheese platter and antipasto and crackers and some lovely Hunter Valley cab sav.
You and me both, he’d curl over in agony with my cooking.

3. You have been asked to write a novel but not in your normal genre. What would you write and why?I’d love to write a suspense or thriller because I’d love the challenge. I’m in awe of writers who plant little red herrings here and there and can build nail-biting suspense.
I have to agree S.E. I really wish my brain would work like that as well.

4.You have found a time machine in your back yard where would you go back in time or into the future? Why?
I’m heading for the future. I want to see where we as an intelligent species have gone, what we have achieved, whether we’ve ‘saved’ our lovely planet or turned it into a toxic waste land. I also very much want to have my own ‘Jetson’s car.
Now I wonder why I’m not surprised by your answer. LOL.

5. Do you have a new release coming out soon or have you just released a novel?
Yes, I have a sci fi romance coming out with Escape Publishing on 1st February 2013 titled Star Pirate’s Justice.

Excerpt from Star Pirate’s Justice copyright 2014 S E Gilchrist

Cruising the Outer Reaches of the Besa System

Carly gnawed on the ragged end of her fingernail, battling panic. Will the shackles hold him? Maybe I should have administered a stronger dose of calm-meds? That virulent glitter in his frozen, brown eyes when she hauled his sorry arse onto her inter-stellar flyer had caused knife pricks of deep foreboding to undermine her shaky confidence.
   It hadn’t been easy levering his tall, well-muscled body onto the hover stretcher and strapping him down, even with the assistance of three of El Riskert’s bully boys. She shuddered, thankful the injection had worked, temporarily paralysing his limbs. It had been like watching a tower topple to the ground. The rigid, grim expression on his face as she had holstered her stunner gun, promised retribution. But what other option did she have? Time slipped through her fingers way too fast with the elusiveness of space dust.
   I can do this, I have to. There’s too much at stake.
   She sucked in a huge gulp of air and swiped a clammy hand over the panel. Studied the hologram which flickered into life in front of her. Her heartbeat gradually steadied at the image of her prisoner in a black flight suit, chained upright against a wall in the bowels of her small ship. A flop of his black hair masked his eyes as his head lolled onto his chest. Hands hanging limp from the manacles clamped about his surprisingly elegant wrists, his subdued stance didn’t reflect the aura of dark turbulence she sensed seethed within his soul.
   Still there. Relief had air whooshing from her lungs like a malfunctioning missile, the sound abnormally loud in the hushed quiet of the cockpit. She punched code into the keyboard embedded into the soft metal countertop and the display disappeared. One last check and she brought up a smart screen which she scrutinised with care, before giving a relieved sigh. With a wriggle to ease the tension in her shoulder muscles, she slumped back into the command chair.
   You fool! He’s only a man, some lowlife criminal. A traitor to his people. He’s not some supernatural being who can disappear at will.
   She gave a self-deprecatory smile and idly examined the three viewing screens which reflected the interstellar space stretching beyond her ship. Nice and empty, just how she wanted it.
   Cyber data scrolled across the schematic displaying her current position in relation to the nearest jump point, the Karton Vortex. With luck, her flyer wouldn't be hailed by any of the Relic ships that patrolled the entrance to the vortex. She'd cruise on by under stealth mode and be back on Cerciron with her payload before she knew it.

S.E this sounds so interesting. All the best with your release on the 1st of February.

Thank you S.E for being my first guest on ‘Look Who’s Talking’.

Thank you very much for hosting me here today, Sandie.

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