Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Left Behind & Loving It Workshop Blogs

Yes it's that time of year again. The US RWA National Conference is on again and so is the annual Left Behind & Loving It Workshop Blogs. This is run each year by Lynn Viehl over at Paperback Writer, Lynn has some great prizes on offer, and all you have to do is leave a message on her blog. Plus you will get some fantastic writing help and information.

Here are the topics Lynn will be workshoping:
Monday: July 13th: Conceptual Planning, Construction and Development -- an architectural approach to concept writing.
Tuesday: July 14th: Middlemarch -- plotting and writing the middle of the story.
Wednesday: July 15th: E-Future Part I -- first part of a two-day workshop on digital publishing.
Thursday: July 16st: E-Future Part II -- second part of a two-day workshop on digital publishing.
Friday: July 17th: Art vs. Life -- using your creative talents to find solutions to problems in your writing life and everyday life, especially when the two collide.
Saturday: July 18th: Diversify and Survive -- approaches and strategies to help strengthen your publishing career.
Sunday: July 19th: Agents and Writers -- the reality of literary representation, and how to deal with an agent after signing.
Monday: July 20th: Ask PBW Anything -- Open Q&A where you can grill me on anything writing- or biz-related.

So this year helping Lynn out with workshops:

Alison Kent ~ How To Books that Saved My Life.
Shiloh Walker ~ Epubs - Wondering Where to Start?
Kait Nolan ~ From Pantser To Plotter: How I Joined the Dark Side.
Midnight Spencer ~ Word Count and Categories.
Maria Zannini ~ Killer Campaigns: Marketing Calender.
Rosina Lippi ~ Writing Prompts Series - Who Two?
Six Sexy Sirens ~ E-publishing: From query to Final Edits and Beyond.
Suelder ~ Birds and Flight.
Tamlyn Leigh ~ Break Through Your Writing Fears & Write.

Hope you find something that will interest you at these sites.

Happy writing.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

What a Weekend

Had a busy time over the weekend. Went down and had a lovely visit with my Mum yesterday, it is great to walk in and see her so happy. She has also put on a bit of weight so that is a bonus as we were concerned about her weight before. Then last night had my daughter and grandson stay we us, played a game of Monopoly (which is still in progress), I love having my kids stay with us, it's like old times.

On the writing front, I've yet another group, this one is an accountability group, I have to write at least 500 words a day to stay in. Now I know I said I wasn't going to do any writing for the next few months, but I figure 500 words a day is not a lot and it will keep the stories I have on the go moving forward. So new plan, write 500 words a day and edit 5 to 10 pages per day. I can do that! That will still give me time to work on my Breakout Novel Homework, read and write reviews, as well as do critiques for my CPs. Oh and finish organizing the Clayton's Conference. Easy, not a problem, I'm not worried at all, I can do all this, LOL.
Anyway I wrote 511 words yesterday and 1,152 words today, so that's not bad going. Tonight I'll do some more editing, been getting a few pages done each day. I'm in a happy place at the moment with my writing, let's hope I stay that way.
Until next time.
Happy writing or editing.