Sunday, May 31, 2009

Taking the Challenge

First up I have been busy, I’ve been editing and writing. ‘If I Were a Rich Man’ is moving forward in the editing department. I still hate the editing process but I think I’m getting the hang of it all.

On the writing front CC is happy two of her novels were finished in the last two weeks and I’ve been working on ‘Surrender’. It’s still going at a snails pace but I have confidence it well be back on the right track soon. Just as well I have plenty of others to work on, and of course last night I had a another couple invade the ‘Head City Motel’. What is it with these characters? Do they lay in wait for a chance to jump on me?

So here’s what I has been given to me so far. Husband and wife have moved out to the Australian Outback where they plan to work on a cattle/horse station. At some point the husband dies and his widow becomes close to the station owner. Names I have Sally Harrison (Heroine) and William Foster (Hero/Station Owner). Now, as to what else is going to happen to this pair, I have no idea until they tell me.

I think the fact that I’m taking the ‘50ks In 30 Days Challenge’ from tomorrow has a lot to do with the fact these two have popped their heads up now. Yes, once again the write like crazy time is here again. I’ll keep you up dated with my progress during the challenge. This year I’m writing 50,000 words and editing 178 pages. Wish me luck.


Monday, May 11, 2009

Editing and Writing

I'm still working on my edits for 'Rich Man', received my first critique back after my latest re-write. Humm... still need a bit of work. Why aren't I surprised? LOL. I'm 'ing' all over the place. Here a question, why is it that you can pick up these sort of mistakes in someone Else's work, but not your own? It really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, of course I still have two more critiques to come in yet. In the mean time I shall do a highlight my 'ing' words and work out which ones can be changed.

I often wonder how I managed my writing without my critique partners. They are priceless. The fact that I clicked with them so well is an added bonus.

As for my writing, well yes, I'm working on something new as well as editing. I know I'm bad, but they will not shut up. I'm not going to make the same mistake I made with my historical novel, make them wait until I was ready. Do you know, Shep and Marianne are still not talking to me? Okay, maybe it is just as well as they aren't because I don't have time for them at the moment anyway. LOL.

I won't be doing any sprinting tonight as I have a novel to finish reading and a couple review to write, so my time will be spent doing that. I'll play time keeper and crack the whip when it is time for the girls to have a break. I lovvvee cracking the whip, just ask my hubby. No, I don't mean in the bedroom either. Hehehe.

Well that's my update for today. Happy writing.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Week of Sprinting

I’ve been busy, honest. A few of the 50/30 Challenge girls and I have been doing sprints this last week. It has been very productive for my writing. I have a chapter to send off to my CPs, having edited about 12 pages so far on top of what I already had done. I’m now onto a new chapter. YES!

I’ve also written 11,542 words over the last ten days. WOOHOO. That is not bad going I’d say. On top for all of this, I’ve had to take hubby to doctors, x-ray and blood tests.
I have to say I’m happy with what I have managed to achieve.

Looks like the sprinting may become a permanent date of a night from now on. I fairly sure, that the lovely Diane Curran and Tracey O’Hara and I’ll be sprinting every night.

Until next time, Happy Writing.

Monday, May 4, 2009

When the Universe Fights Against Us

Yeap, that is just how I'm feeling at the moment. I had my week planned, edit in the morning, writing in the afternoon, simple right?

Not happening. Hubby is still home and looks set to be here for a while. He has a kidney stone which means a visit to hospital for him, no horse shows for a bit either. He really is i a lot of pain the poor man, so I'm hoping we can get him into hospital quick. Thank heavens we have private health cover. On top of that my grandson is not well either, so looks like I may have him for a few days while his parents work. What are grandparents for, if not to be called on in an emergency. My guess is I'll be play Monopoly this week, I'll get my butt kicked again. LOL.

So, at this stage my six to eight hours of writing time is looking to be about four or five tops. Because I still have the Valerie Parv Awards to finish reading, and critiques to do, plus at least two reviews. Not to worry, I'll get it all done.

Now that I've had my whinge, I'll go and do some writing. LOL.

Chat soon.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

What am I doing?

This is a question I ask myself at least twice a day. Yes, I talk to myself and argue with myself, do you think I need to be in one of those special places? No, don't answer that.
Anyway on to the 'What am I doing?' question.

I need to edit, we all know that for a fact. I have a long list of finished projects all waiting to be edited. I have CPs waiting for these to be edited so they can read them and tell me what I need to do to fix them. What am I doing? I'm writing! Yes, when I get the chance I sneak off and write. Well, that other person attached to me does anyway. I'm writing and researching. Researching Butt Plugs! Butt plugs, for crying out loud. I'm sure this is not something I should be talking to my sisters about, but I am, now they want to read the book I'm (CC) is working on now. Do you know how many different plugs there are? Do you know how many different sex toys there are? LOTS! I have no idea why I'm telling you this, like you want to know this stuff. But, if in the future you do need any info I can point you in the right direction. *wink* no questions asked.

Now just to confuse the situation even more, my very sweet English heroine and her Aussie Hero have decided to start chatting as well. How's that, on one hand I'm (CC) is writing an erotic 'Ménage a Trois' and one the other I'm writing a sweet/tender story. All I can hope for is that I don't get them mixed up. I'm sure my sweet English Rose would faint.

Okay have to run CC is yelling at me, she has another sex scene to write.

Chat soon.