Friday, October 16, 2009

Am I CRAZY????

Well blogging each week didn’t last long did it. Not even one week! Well not on here anyway. So, what have I been doing that is so important that I can’t blog. Beside the fact I’ve been sick not much. Had some sort of stomach bug most of the week, which is not fun let me tell you.

The RWAus ‘Cruisin’ the Blog’ is going well, some of our RWAus members are very busy promoting their new or soon to be released novels. Speaking of novels, I’m not getting very far with mine. Editing has come to a crawl, writing has stopped altogether and the planning for my November NaNo novel, yes well let’s leave that one alone. The problem with the NaNo novel is I keep changing my mine about what I want to write. Do I do the second novel for CC’s Scarlett House series? Or do I go with the Cosy Mystery I have dancing around in my head.

Yes, you read that right, a cosy mystery for crying out loud. I have the setting, a nursing home. Okay I admit I got this when visiting my Mum one day, they have it all there, the old busy body who knows everything that is going on around the home. She’s great, would make a great nosy sleuth. A lot of the other residence would make great sidekicks. They all make me laugh when I’m talking to them, and the things they come out with, cracks me up every time. I can just see them all tottering around getting in the way as police try to solve the crime. LOL. Have you ever sat and watched the elderly as they interact with each other? How their eyes light up when someone new comes to visit and takes the time to talk to them? The other day when I visited my Mum, one of the volunteers arrived with her two young daughters, look on the residents faces as these girls went from one to the other was priceless.

Anyway back to my cosy mystery. Okay, the setting is the Spring Ball in the nursing home, one of the entertainers for the night is found dead in the change room. Suspects are the bandleader, a woman jealous of the dead woman. The organ player, he had an affair with the dead woman who had moved on to another lover. I should point out that the dead woman is in her late seventies but still very active.
Another suspect is one of the guests, dead woman fleeced her father many years earlier. The final suspect is the clown, who would suspect someone dressed up as a clown? I have to say, this is the first time I have had this much information about one of my stories before I even start to write.

Anyway that's what I've been up to, nothing exciting.
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