Friday, May 6, 2011

I've Returned to Blogging

Okay, I’m back. For how long? Only time will tell. I’m not going to make excuses, because if I was honest with myself I could have posted sooner. I will however tell you what I have been up to while I’ve been off the bloggersphere.

I’ve spent time editing the first three chapter’s of my Regency Romance. I won a fantastic critique from, Michelle Styles, of three chapters and synopsis through an online auction. So I’ve been busy whipping that into shape.

I entered the RWAus Emerald Contest for the first time and was pleased with my result. Of course I was also very, very pleased my good friend, Suzanne Hamilton, reached the top three. YAY, Suz. I also entered the RWAus Valerie Parv Contest and waiting the results to come in for that one. Plus, I entered my first ever overseas contest with the Royal Ascot, again waiting for results. But that’s cool I can wait.

I’ve put writing my Contemporary romance on hold for the time being to concentrate on my Regency, I think my voice suits that era better.

Have you ever done a workshop and thought where was this before now? Or why didn’t I know about this? I had that when I did the fabulous Angela James’s ‘Self-editing Workshop’. I cannot rave about this enough it was brilliant. Angela, was brilliant. My head was swimming by the end, but in a good way. The best part is, Angela, is going to have the workshop published. So keep an eye out for that book to hit the shelves.

That’s it for today, hopefully I’ll be back soon.

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