Friday, March 23, 2012

Achieviing Goals (Not)

The goals I set at the beginning of the year are falling down around me like a stack of dominoes.
For the last two months I’ve had to ware a stupid hat at our Hunter Romance Writers group meetings, for not achieving my monthly goals. (And no I’m not posting any pictures) You would think after the first time it would be enough of a deterrent to make sure you were on track the following month. Not me. However, I just may have a better chance this month.
So, what have I been up to the last few months? Not much, both hubby and I have been unwell, and that sucks.
I have finally come up with a concrete conflict plot between my hero and heroine, thanks to a brainstorming session with my wonderful CP, Suz Hamilton.
I’ve been working on my VPA entry, although still undecided if I’ll enter. I did find out the other day I have more time than I originally thought before the contest opens. I think I have the synopsis right, or at least a lot better with the help of my Hunter Romance Writers girls. Thanks Ladies.
I’m now working on adding the introduction of the new conflict to the first three chapters.
Oh, I’m booked in for the RWA Gold Coast conference in August. So excited. Conference paid for and my breakout session picked out and booked in, hotel room booked for the week leading up to the conference and over the conference weekend. And I booked and paid for my flights the other day. So bring on August.
Until next time. Happy writing.
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