Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Collage for Lord Seabrook ~ Part 1

Over the next few weeks I’m going to post collages I’ll be using when I start to write ‘Lord Seabrook Takes a Bride’. We are going to be working on collages at our next Hunter Romance Writers meeting as one of our topics of interest.
This collage is all about the house and the setting. As most of the story (as far as I know at this point) will take place at Lord Seabrook’s estate (name to be decided on), I have used only one house. I love Chatsworth House it has so much character, which is why I chose it for this novel. The floor plans are not of Chatsworth; I found them on another site and thought they would suit my needs perfectly. Also the pictures of the rooms are from all over the place, they just represent Regency living and the richness of the materials used to decorate a room.
Next week I’ll look at fashion with fabrics used to make dresses and accessories.
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