Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday Supper ~ Dinner for 18 Persons – September

From Mrs Beeton's Household Management

First Course.
                      Julienne Soup,
                       removed by
                  Brill and Shrimp Sauce.
  Red Mullet & Vase of Fried Eels.
  Italian Sauce. Flowers.
                       Giblet Soup,
                        removed by
                 Salmon and Lobster Sauce.


                    Lamb Cutlets and
                      French Beans.
  Fillets of Chicken Vase of Oysters au gratin.
    and Truffles. Flowers.
                    Sweetbreads and
                     Tomata Sauce.

Second Course.

Saddle of Mutton.
Veal-and-Ham Pie.
  Chickens à la Vase of Braised Goose.
   Béchamel. Flowers.
                Broiled Ham, garnished
                  with Cauliflowers.
Filet of Veal.

Third Course.

Custards. Partridges, Apple Tart. removed by Plum-pudding.
Compôte of Greengages.
  Noyeau Jelly. Vase of Lemon Cream.
Pastry Sandwiches.
                  Grouse & Bread Sauce,
                       removed by
  Plum Tart. Nesselrode Pudding. Custards.


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