Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ramplings of a Writer 3

I thought I would share with you the process I'm taking in writing my novel.I started just by sitting down and writing, and that worked for awhile, but then I started to be all over the place. So I knew I need a plan. I mean you don't make a dress without a pattern (well most people don't), anyway a plan was needed in this case.

The best way for me to get my head around how I was going to write each chapter was with a storyboard (which is really just a bunch of squares on a page and a chapter or scene outline written into them), and it worked. I now have some structure to my novel, I have four chapters, each with two to four scenes in them, then I have another seven chapters roughly worked out. I'm pretty happy with that, and now that my characters are back chatting again I just know I'll have scenes for the rest of the chapters soon.

I'll tell you about the story next time.
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