Monday, July 14, 2008

Hit A Brick Wall

Here I was writing away, enjoying my stories, jumping from one to another everyone doing what they were suppose to do. Well everyone except their pair on the kitchen table (but that story really belongs to Sandra Carrington). So I’m writing, getting the words on paper or computer or both when WHAM BAM I hit the wall, SPLAT I hit the ground, and that is where I have been for the last couple of days. Yesterday I read over some of my work and decided I hated it all. So I shut the file down and ignored the urge to re-open it and write something, anything. No that would be a mistake.
So I’m taking a week off, well five days really. It’s school holidays here in NSW, I have my grandson for a few days again this week so I think I’ll spend the time with him, painting, walking and cooking. We can make a lot of mess cooking and painting for that matter. Then come the weekend I’ll write again, I’ve entered another challenge over at Kiwi Writers, this is 2,000 in two or three days and you have to write about something you don’t normally write about. If I can get over, through or around this brick wall, I’m going to write my opening to a book I want to write about my Mum and Auntie Mary.
They are writing down their memories about their childhood. It was an exercise I set my Mum to keep her thinking and give her something to do with her time other than just watch the television. I told her if she wrote down all she could remember about her childhood I’d write a book about it. I love listening to the pair of them talking about their lives, the hardship they went through, yet they had a great family life. They were close, and still are today. Two grey haired old ladies who are thankful they have each other still and can share so much. I’ll keep you posted on my story about them.
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