Monday, June 30, 2008

The end is here, yes 50ks In 30 Days has come to an end. What a wonderful month with have had. We started with the month with 51 challengers and ended with 46 either completing the challenge or at least getting some great word totals. Everyone has said that they have enjoyed the month and have never written so many words in a month before.

RC, you know Rachel C/Rhian is hoping to reach 100k. I’ve decided to call her Queen of the Bionic Fingers. She has had an amazing month. The last couple of days we have seen a lot of the girls make the sprint home, a few had not been sure at the start of the month if they would make it to the 50k, but true to the Aussie sprite they continued on. Other just had the whole universe fighting against them and no matter what they did event from the real world just would not leave them alone. Yet they continued, continued writing determined to at least work towards a personal best.

So what was my final total? Well that would be 75,080. I now have three novels of 50k to edit as well as two of 15k. So July is looking at being another busy month, I’m thinking this editing may roll over into August which is fine, as long as at the end I have something that will be worthwhile submitting.

Well that’s me for another challenge. I have a few BIAW coming up, but other than that life may be a little slower. WOOHOO won’t that be nice.


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