Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Mayhem ~ Changes

The contracts for the sale of my Mum & Dad's home have been exchanged. While I am very happy that my Niece and her partner are buying the family home, I'm sad at the same time as it is now no longer a home I can walk into without first knocking. They have big changes in store for the old home and will only add to the value of the house, but it will seem different going down there now. I've said my final goodbye to that chapter of my life, now a whole new story is about to be written for the old house. A house that will once again build the dreams of a young couple starting out.

New Office
Another change in my life, is the fact that I now have an even larger office. I have all my books and novels around me, plenty of room to move about and space to walk and read over my manuscripts.

Old office

A view to inspire.

This is what I get to look at each day as I sit down to write, not bad is it?

I've also had a change on the Diaries of an Heroine blog. While I may not have been blogging here I have been working. Edits of 'If I Were a Rich Man', 'We Were in Love' and 'Baby Can I hold you' are still moving forward. Plus the screenplay I'm working on for Script Frenzy, while not moving in leaps and bounds, is progressing.

You can also find me on twitter most days, I post a few times a day, and trying hard to limit the amount of time I spend on there.

That's it for this update. I'm heading off to bed, in the hope that I'll get a bit more sleep tonight than I did last night.

Until next time. Happy Writing.


Eleni Konstantine said...

Sandie - fantastic work space. One day I will get mine in some sort of order. :)

Love your view. And boy you are working really hard aren't you. Good luck with the script!

jennjmcleod said...

Sandie, I understand that must be hard. It is a beautiful house, as is your writing view. Stay positive. (and if I ever ask you what twitter is tell me to get back to my ms and stop stalling LOL)