Monday, September 7, 2009

Father's Day

What did you do for Father’s Day? We had friends and family arrive. Spent the day chatting and taking photos. They had horses to wash (not me – I hate the smell of wet horsehair). I just took a few photos to add to our website. I think I finally have Natan Paint Horse Stub website sorted.

My son and his girlfriend arrived just before lunch. Laura is moving home this weekend YAY, Dan decided to help her pack by tossing her clothes into the back of his ute by the arm full. MEN!!!

Dan (DS) playing rally car driver & Laura (DDIL) riding Image.
While the girls rode their horses, the boys decided to play the only way boys know how, in mud. I don’t think they ever grow up. LOL. My son-in-law and grandson had a great time driving through the muddy water.

Clint (DGS) playing in mud & Clint & (DSIL) Colin after the mudfest.

Tammy (DD) riding Dude & Clint giving Dude a mud kiss.
Writing is going slow at the moment but hopefully will I will pick up the pace this week. I’ve been doing some research on artificial insemination for a new novel, yes I know, I need a new novel about as much as I need to jump in freezing water. Never the less, I have the story there, so need the information. I finished edits on CC’s novella, so she will be happy at least. Have now started on her second novel that needs editing. On that note, I had better get to it.

Happy writing.
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