Monday, August 31, 2009

Finding New Heroes

Didn’t get much writing done over the weekend, but I did find a new hero for a novel somewhere down the track. (below) Hubby with Natans Rain.
I went to a horse show yesterday with hubby and daughter, first show of the season and they came home happy with their day. Now I’m the first to admit that sitting (or standing) around a horse show all weekend is not one of my favourite pass times. I mean, I could be writing. But I thought I’d do the right thing and show my support. Here’s a couple of pictures of them in the show ring.
(below) photo of daughter with
Natans Dun Sliden. This is
her 2 year old gelding.
Now you may ask what this has to do with me finding a new hero. Have a look at the judge for the day. Hot!!! A couple of the girls decided to enter a few more events just so they could ride around looking at him. The picture isn’t very clear but you’ll get a good idea of what he was like. I have to say, if the show committee continue to rake in judges like this one, I just may have to go to more shows. LOL. Of course I’ll be there to support my family as well.

Plan for the week: Edit 'Rich Man' 5 pages per day is the goal. Plus add 500 words (at least) each day to 'Best Friend' or 'Surrender'.
Until next time.
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