Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Cosy Mystery for NaNo

So here I am at day five of NaNoWriMo and all is going well. Maybe a little too well. The story is coming together even with a couple of added point of views. My original idea was to tell the story from just my granny sleuth, however when I sat down at my computer on day three a second point of view character arrived. That character was my young Detective; I could live with that I thought. Instead of slotting in his point of view scenes in the original work, I decided to open a new file for him, so now I’m working between two files and one has to play catch-up. I should also point out the all my planning and plotting by this stage had been forgotten, didn’t even get a look in really. Maybe the fact that I had written it all down stuck a little because I did still have my original suspects and murder victim.

Come day three and I woke with a headache, not that this is uncommon for me but it did throw me for a while. Why? Because I had a third character wanting a point of view in the story. What could I do? Not much, if a character decides they know best, it is best to go along with them. So open file number three. Yes I’m writing novel between three files each with its own point of view. NOTE: These are in third person POV, I don’t think I do first person very well.

Anyway, today I’ve spent the day playing catch up with my two new POV characters. I think I’m almost there, which is a good thing, now do I continue to work with the three separate files or start a new file with all three POVs. Will have to think on that one.
So far in the story I have, one murdered tap dancer, up until today I had four suspects, this afternoon I gained another suspect and I can tell you I didn’t see this one coming. I have no idea what impact this person will have on the story.

My four amateur senior citizen sleuths are just starting to cause a little bit of havoc for my nice Detective and the manager of the nursing home. Oh, and said detective and manager were once married. Not sure where this is going to go either as they were not in my planning stage. Well they were but not as a once upon a time couple.
To date I’m 30% of the way through, which is great, I have a few non-writing days coming up, so I need to be in front. Word total 15,023 words. For now I’m happy, and I’m really enjoying writing something completely different.
The secret to my word count, is the internet on my laptop has had a major "Male Moment", so no connection, which means I have to come into other office to post comments, email etc. Easy really, no internet means lots of writing time.

Hope your NaNo Month is going well.
Happy Writing.
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