Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mind over Matter

I’ve hit the 25K mark for NaNoWriMo, YAY. Unfortunately I’ve also hit the midway stumbling block. I spent most of today doing anything I could on the computer except write. Well except for 581 words. Better than nothing, yes, but not near enough, or anywhere near what I have been doing.

Here’s the thing, it happens every challenge. I get so far along, either in word count or in days/weeks and I hit the wall. Slow right down for a few days and then I’m right again, ready to write up a storm. Today I started thinking this is crazy, I expect it, I am convincing myself this is going to happen and of course it does. Mind over Matter. I am training my mind to believe this is how it should be, instead of fighting my way through it, pushing myself that little bit harder. So here I sit complaining about not being able to write, yet I’m writing this blog. I wrote my report for RWAustralia web team and my job description thingy. (Mind you these should have been done over a week ago.) Why can’t I write more on my story. I’ve opened the file twice and nothing! Not a thing, it’s like the characters have gone to bed and turned off the lights. Not even CC’s characters are coming out to play. I might have an early night and start fresh tomorrow, that may help.

I’m ‘Not happy Jan.’

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