Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Birthday, Procrastinating & Editing

It was my birthday the other week, nothing special; except for the fact; our children bought us a twilight dinner cruise for Christmas, and book it in for my birthday. (I have such sweet kids). Despite the fact that I’m not a boat person, it was a lovely evening. Motion sickness tables worked well, thank heavens. We had about ten dolphins lead us back into the dock. The food was great, as well as the entertainment. If you ever make it to Nelson Bay, NSW drop by Moonshadow Cruises for either their twilight dinner or dolphin cruise.

Decided to work on my website the other night and ended up deleting the site completely. Luckily, I had the page contents save in word, so it was just a matter of cut and pasting. I’ve added separate pages for each of my genres, as well as splitting my link pages. This process is going to take some work to add all the extra information.

As for editing, well that came to a crushing stop last week. Having migraines for two days didn’t help. Neither did procrastinating the other days. I got back into it a bit yesterday, but then I got myself caught up in the Romance Bandits invasion on the The Romance Dish. If you haven’t been over to have a look, you really do need to it is great. Anyway, today I plan to edit most of the day, which should keep CC out of my ear for a while.

Now I’m going to start work on Sunday’s Cruisin’ the Blog’ for the RWAus blog and February’s new releases for the end of the months ‘Bookshelf Saturday.
Have a great one.
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