Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another Crazy Month

SO you remember the idiot who booked into 3 courses while camping? Yes, well she’s back. This month I’m doing 50k in 30 Days with my RWAustralia buddies, I’ve pledged to write 50k and edit 80k, not too hard you would think right? Well that would be the case had I not also signed up for another Margie Lawson’s course ‘Writing Body Language and Dialogue Cues’, as always with Margie’s courses ‘FANTASTIC’. My problem is working out which manuscript to work on first.

Of course that would be way too easy for me, so I’ve also signed up ‘Power of the Right Question’ with Susan Meier, Make a Scene with June Diehl, Show Don’t Tell with Flo Fitzpatrick, and Heroine’s Journey: Adapting Four-Structure to the Character-Driven Story all with Savvy Authors. I LOVE Savvy Authors, so many cool and fantastic courses.
Then just to mix it up a little, I’m checking on my son and daughter-in-laws house while they are away touring Europe. Three days a week, I drive the 45 minutes to their house, collect the mail, check the house and drive home, in all it takes me about two to two and a half hours.

Thinking about this now, it may not have been a good idea to take on so many projects. But, than I’ve never been very good with organising my time. Which is why no housework is getting done around here, oh that’s right it very rarely gets done anyway. I need a genie, one that will give me heaps of great tasting low fat chocolate (because I'm on a diet) and who will do all my housework. LOL.
Until I get time to write another blog. Have a good one.

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