Friday, May 7, 2010

Crazy Is As Crazy Does

Who in their right mind books into doing a workshop when they are going to be camping in the back of a horse truck for almost a week? Probably the same idiot that booked into three workshops the same week she was going to be camping in the back of said horse truck. Yes, that would be me! Actually I have a whole month of workshops lined up for May.

I'm doing another Margie Lawson course this month, Deep Editing: The EDITS System, Rhetorical Devices, and More. It is a follow on from Empowering Character's Emothions, I'm learning so much. I may even learn to like the editing process. Lecture One and I can already see changes in the way I'm approching editing and where my WIPS need the most work. COOL!!! I am going to be very Margiezied by the end of the month.

I also did a four day workshop with Savvy Authors - Defining Erotica - Primer for Authors of all Genres. Now that was an interesting few days. I'm sure CC is going to be very pleased I took part in that workshop.

Tomorrow, that being Saturday - I'm doing another two, one day workshops with Coyote Con: Brainstorming the Future of the Novel and Stepping Lightly: Historical Fiction. Of course both of these workshops have a good chance of clashing with Hubby's show events. The workshops are held in chat rooms. All I can hope is that the Workshop and Show Gods are going to be nice and let all fall into place.

Sunday I have another two workshops with Coyote Con, these workshops run every Friday Saturday and Sunday during May (or in my case Saturday, Sunday and Monday). Get this, my first workshop for Sunday Search and Destroy: Passive Verbs, starts at 4am (that's Aussie time). Then at 6am I have Settings: The Medieval Workd. At least these are before the show starts on Sunday; of course I also have to drive home later in the day. I think I may need an early night Saturday night.

Monday I have: Artificial Interigence and Sexuality, Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Fiction and Writing the Series Character, with Coyote Con.

Tuesday I start another two, month long workshops. With Savvy Authors I'm doing: Todd Stone Presents: Character(s) and Conflict - More is More and More is Better, and with OCCRWA I'm doing a workshop with Terry Blain - Another Time Another Place.

As you can see I really an CRAZY!!!!!

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