Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday's Male ~ John Willoughby

I didn’t get to blog last week, had a major slack week. But I’m back. To continue on from my Sense and Sensibility post from a couple weeks back, this week I’m looking at Marianne’s suitors, John Willoughby and Colonel Christopher Brandon.

Marianne’s first romantic interest in the story is John Willoughby, the dashing young man with much the same outlook on life as Marianne. Now while it is obvious Willoughby has feelings for Marianne, he has left a young girl (Colonel Brandon’s ward.) pregnant in London and is disinherited by his aunt. As he does need to have an income, he becomes engaged to a very wealthy Miss Gray.

In the 1971 adaptation of Sense and Sensibility actor, Clive Francis plays Willoughby. As I haven’t yet seen this series, I can’t comment on Clive’s performance. Don't you just love the hair style?

Peter Woodward stepped into the role John Willoughby in the 1981 BBC series Sense and Sensibility. I couldn’t find a photo of Peter as Willoughby I’m afraid. I didn’t mind Peter’s portrayal of Willoughby.
The YouTube embed thing has been disabled, so you can watch a clip of Peter here.

In 1995, Ang Lee directed the film version of Sense and Sensibility. Starring in the role of Willoughby was British actor Greg Wise. I actually loved Greg’s portrayal of Willoughby. Interesting side fact (maybe) Wise is married to his fellow cast member Emma Thompson.

In 2008, Sense and Sensibility moved once again back to the small screen with another BBC adaptation of this classic. This time the role of Willoughby was played by Dominic Cooper. Again, I haven’t see this version but I have heard Cooper play the part extremely well.

Next week I’ll look at Colonel Christopher Brandon Marianne’s second suitor, and on Wednesday I have Miss Marianne Dashwood on Women on Wednesday.

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