Saturday, January 1, 2011

Goals Glorious Goals

First off
Happy New Year,

May you achieve all you wish and reach the heights you desire.

New Years Day new mountains to climb and new obstacles to hurdle and a new set of goals to aim for.

Putting my goals on my blog in some way (I hope) will make me more accountable. I’m being realistic this year, no over the top goals, no setting the bar too high so that if I don’t make it I feel defeated. No, I’m going into this with a clear head.

Goals for 2011:

Take part in the January challenge with the Historical Writers loop. Aim to write 2,000 words/day and edit three pages per/day.

Write and edit short story for RWA Little Gem Contest. Edit pages of Regency Romance for Valerie Parv Award.

Finish Regency Romance novel.

Edit Contemporary Romance manuscripts and submit.

Work on one manuscript at a time.

Go to RWA Conference in Melbourne.

Blog 3 times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday and once a month on Sunday with updates on goal progress.

Wait impatiently for the arrival of my second grandchild.

That’s it for now; I may or may not add to this as the year progresses. But I do believe these are achievable even the flying to Melbourne for the conference. I’ll just keep telling myself that and by the August, I’ll be right. LOL.

See you Monday.

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