Sunday, January 20, 2013

Setting Goals and Business Plans

Well I’ve done it again. I left the HRW girls speechless today when I started to rattle off my goals, career plan, business plan and career plan. Okay, maybe they weren’t speechless but they were dumbfounded, got the giggles and wondered where in the hell I plan on finding the time to reach my said goals.

So my excessive compulsive disorder has been in over drive this month. What can I say, but it is better that I have a heap of goals, then none at all.

My career plan needs some tweaking, as do my business plan and book plans but I’ll continue to work on these until I’m happy with the end result.

My goals I’m happy with what I have set out for the year. I believe once I move and get into a good routine I’ll nail them each month. Plus I have the girls to give me a boot in the butt if I don’t.

I’d actually be interested in knowing how many writers/authors do write business/career and book plans.

Until next time, happy writing.
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