Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The New Year Begins & I'm Late

What I'm Reading: ‘Paying the Forfeit’ by S.E Gilchrist and ‘Hidden Passion’ by Marianne Theresa
What I'm Watching: Big Bang Theory
What I'm Working On: Regency novel

Happy New Year everyone, yes, I’m very late offering my best wishes, but that’s me lately always running late. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I know I did, this year we had the family come and have Christmas lunch with us on the farm.

I have some non writing news to start off the year with; my husband and I are moving after being on the farm for almost 28 years we have sold it to our daughter and son-in-law. I know they will enjoy life here as much as we have, for Jim and my self it’s getting use to life in town. Thank God I have my writing.

Speaking of writing, I’ve sent the first three chapters of a regency off to an editor. Now the wait begins, of course there is always editing to be done. Plus, I have a mile of packing to finish.

Well I’m leaving it short and sweet for this post, I really just wanted to let people know I’m still floating around.

Sandie xoxo
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