Monday, November 10, 2008

Have You Hurled Anything Yet?

As promised here are the first few days of Week Two’s tips. Yes a day early.

Day 8:

The Plot Thickens.

Ah, the start of the second week. Where things get more, um . . . interesting. If Week One was all about character creation, Week Two is about finding something to do with all the people milling around in your book. Yes, we’re talking plot here, a word that sends a lot of writers needlessly running in fear. Just keep prodding your characters and a plot will set itself in motion this week. Know, though, that the decisions of Week Two will make this the most exhausting of all four weeks.

Also, know that the more you write, the more inspired you are going to feel. If you’re feeling a little pokey now, it’s because you’re not writing enough. Push yourself to write every day, and make a point of adding something to your word count any time you’re within striking distance of a keyboard.

Day 9:

No Frogs In This Pond

Today, we take Zsa Zsa Gabor as our literary role model. Her enthusiasm for marriage was so great that she did it nine times. What do Zsa Zsa’s many nuptials have to do with your novel?
Toda, as a number of possible plot directions start offering themselves to you, you may decide to wait coyly for The One to appear. Don’t.

In the world of the monthlong novel, there are no frogs, only princes (or princesses). Take inspiration from the Hungarian actress, and hitch yourself to any likely suitor. You’ll have a great time with any of them, and you can always grab a different one on the next go-round.

Day 10:

Complain, Curse, Crumple.

A friend of mine, who is an EMT, says that people at restaurants choke more often than you’d imagine. According to him, the real danger isn’t the chocking, it’s the bathroom. Because the moment people get a chicken wing lodges in their throats, they do a curious thing: They use the last of their oxygen to politely remove themselves to the bathroom, far away from anyone who might be able to help Heimlich it out.

If at any point you start having difficulty with your novel, the worst thing you can do is suffer silently. Complain in detail to your support team and anyone who will listen.

Curse your characters and their mothers. Crumple up this card and hurl it in the trush. Let the frustration out. You’ll be surprised at how much clearer your writing vision is after a good venting.

Okay this one here is where I’ve been for most of this novel. LOL. Although I am staying within the required word count, so that is a positive. How about you have you hurled anything to let off a little steam yet?

On another note, the writing sprints are starting to pick up and my word count is increasing each time. Gotta love those word sprints.

Happy Writing
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