Monday, December 22, 2008

Australia the Movie

Review on ‘AUSTRALIA’

Hubby and I went to see Australia last week and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it, from start to finish. My emotions ran from laughter to tears, joy to sadness, it had it all. Personally, I thought Buz Luhrmann did a fantastic job with the film not that I should be surprised. Buz has a unique gift when directing films.

Nicole Kidman’s portrayal of Lady Sarah Ashley was wonderful. I was in fits of laughter with the scene where she meets The Drover for the first time. Now I freely admit I’m a big Nicole fan, I have been since I saw her in ‘Malice’ (which by the way she was brilliant in). But back to ‘Australia’, I loved watching how Lady Sarah changed as she adapted to her new surroundings and the people in her life. One of my favourite scenes was when she tried to sign ‘Over the Rainbow’ to Nullah, cracked me up, LOL.

As for Hugh Jackman, well what can I say put ‘Oh, my God what a body.’ Okay that is a very sexist remark, (sorry Hugh). In truth, Hugh pulled the role of The Drover off so well, (I really don’t think Russell Crowe would have had the same appeal). Hugh is all we as romance writers want in a hero. Is it little wonder he is used as a pin-up for hero material and inspiration?

The rest of the cast were great as well. Bryan Brown, as King Carney king of the outback, fabulous, David Wenham, as Neil Fletcher the nasty and crocked overseer, outstanding, and Jack Thompson as Kipling the alcoholic accountant another standout performance.

Of course, I can’t leave out young Brandon Walters as the young aboriginal boy Nullah who narrates most of the film; he is one young actor to keep an eye out for. All the reviews have praised this young boy and they are all well founded.

I loved this film and I’m looking forward to it coming out on DVD so I can buy it, I have a feeling it will be one I watch quite a few times. I’d give it 4 ½ stars. My hubby enjoyed it and is recommending it to friends as a great movie to see. Try it you may be pleasantly surprised.

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