Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas & Contest Update

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and received lots of great presents from Santa. I got a new office chair, it's very pretty and very comfortable with lots of adjustments. Hubby and I are having a couple of quite days at home now. My Mum came and had Christmas with us, that was nice. The only down side was that she let some guy in her house the other day and he stole her wallet. I don't know how many time my brothers and sisters and I have told her not to let strangers into her house. Anyway at least she's okay which is the most important thing, it is a worry though with her living on her own.

So onto the writing side of things.

I'm in to the third round of Karin Tabke 'First Line' Contest. YAY that is one better than last year so far. Of course I posted my third line then stressed as to whether it is any good. Not much I can do about it now though. Now the wait is on until Tuesday. (Tuesday for us Aussie writers anyway).

I also entered Leigh Michaels and Rachelle Chase's 'Chase the Dream Writers Contest'. I'd never heard of this one until my good writing buddy Monique Wood told me about it the other day. What a sweetheart Monique is. I emailed my entry off, but I have until January before we get any results.

I've also signed up to do reviews with Fallen Angel Reviews, that should be interesting. I'm going to add the reviews I do on my Review Blog once they have been added to the FAR site. I also do reviews for Writers and Readers of Distinctive Fiction , it's one of the Ning Network sites I'm a member of.

Next month I'm going to be doing an interview with Suzanne Brandyn her first novel 'Passion In Paradise' is due for digital release on the 7th January 2009 in the US and 8th January 2009 in Australia. So please keep an eye out for Suzanne's book and her interview here on the 8th January.
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