Friday, December 12, 2008

Online Contests & Shopping Is Good

I haven't been doing much writing lately. I did a couple of critiques and a very rough first edit on 'Baby Can I Hold You' but that is it.

I've entered two online contests the first was 'Karin Tabke's First Line' contest, that was a crazy few minutes. I'd been out shopping again (well it is almost Christmas), anyway I'd been out shopping and raced home ready to add my line the minute 'Game On' appeared on the screen. I hit refresh so many times waiting and waiting and then it happened those words popped up on the screen 'Game On', and there were already 48 entries. What? That can't be right. So I added my line and came in at #58, what the hell was going on here? Within 9 minutes the 100 places were filled. Karin said that was a record. Now I have to wait until Monday (well Tuesday because of the time difference) to see if I've made it into the next round.

The next contest i entered is 'Nathan Bransford's First Paragraph' contest, okay this one wasn't quite as crazy in pace but the number of entries are huge. So are over 1,000 so far, mine is in the 401 to 600 group. At least I only have a few days to see if I make the next cut with Nathan's contest.

Yesterday I took my Mum out for a few hours and went shopping. No Christmas shopping this time, no went into Borders. Love that shop. LOL. Anyway I picked up Evan Marshall's 'The Marshall Plan for Novel Writing' and James Scott Bell's 'Revision & Self-Editing'. My plan is to sit down over the weekend and read both books ready to get back into my writing next week.

So that is what I've been doing the past couple of weeks. Oh yeah, I have another blog (hopeless I am) anyway this one is called 'A Writer's Life' and I blog about tips I find in books and magazines drop by and have a look if you get time.

Happy writing.

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