Sunday, May 31, 2009

Taking the Challenge

First up I have been busy, I’ve been editing and writing. ‘If I Were a Rich Man’ is moving forward in the editing department. I still hate the editing process but I think I’m getting the hang of it all.

On the writing front CC is happy two of her novels were finished in the last two weeks and I’ve been working on ‘Surrender’. It’s still going at a snails pace but I have confidence it well be back on the right track soon. Just as well I have plenty of others to work on, and of course last night I had a another couple invade the ‘Head City Motel’. What is it with these characters? Do they lay in wait for a chance to jump on me?

So here’s what I has been given to me so far. Husband and wife have moved out to the Australian Outback where they plan to work on a cattle/horse station. At some point the husband dies and his widow becomes close to the station owner. Names I have Sally Harrison (Heroine) and William Foster (Hero/Station Owner). Now, as to what else is going to happen to this pair, I have no idea until they tell me.

I think the fact that I’m taking the ‘50ks In 30 Days Challenge’ from tomorrow has a lot to do with the fact these two have popped their heads up now. Yes, once again the write like crazy time is here again. I’ll keep you up dated with my progress during the challenge. This year I’m writing 50,000 words and editing 178 pages. Wish me luck.


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Anita Joy said...

Sandie, you amaze me with your goals. I'm aiming for half the words and no editing - and I'm crossing my fingers that I'll do it!