Monday, May 11, 2009

Editing and Writing

I'm still working on my edits for 'Rich Man', received my first critique back after my latest re-write. Humm... still need a bit of work. Why aren't I surprised? LOL. I'm 'ing' all over the place. Here a question, why is it that you can pick up these sort of mistakes in someone Else's work, but not your own? It really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, of course I still have two more critiques to come in yet. In the mean time I shall do a highlight my 'ing' words and work out which ones can be changed.

I often wonder how I managed my writing without my critique partners. They are priceless. The fact that I clicked with them so well is an added bonus.

As for my writing, well yes, I'm working on something new as well as editing. I know I'm bad, but they will not shut up. I'm not going to make the same mistake I made with my historical novel, make them wait until I was ready. Do you know, Shep and Marianne are still not talking to me? Okay, maybe it is just as well as they aren't because I don't have time for them at the moment anyway. LOL.

I won't be doing any sprinting tonight as I have a novel to finish reading and a couple review to write, so my time will be spent doing that. I'll play time keeper and crack the whip when it is time for the girls to have a break. I lovvvee cracking the whip, just ask my hubby. No, I don't mean in the bedroom either. Hehehe.

Well that's my update for today. Happy writing.

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