Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June Ends, July Starts

I’ve been slack AGAIN, and I’m not even going to try and say it’s because I’ve been writing and editing up a storm because that would be a half truth. I have been writing and editing but not near enough to reach my goals this month. The other half I’ve been procrastinating, mostly because my stupid computer has had major Male moments. Yes, poor excuse I know.

Anyway the month is over and I need to focus on moving forward. This morning I had a light bulb moment. I’ve been doing my reviews and thinking this is NOT working! Why? I don’t have enough conflict. I’ve also been going back over my notes from Bootcamp, which is why I had the light bulb moment. My conflict between my hero and heroine is wishy washy, dull, poring, bloody pitiful really. Aren’t I lucky July is editing month, as well as August and September, and the way things are looking so will October. Here’s my plan, I have the stories written. That’s a good start, now I’m going to go over each sentence, paragraph, page and chapter pulling them apart and putting them back together. I’ll make a list of the conflicts I have and how to improve them. Even the seven chapters I’ve already edited are getting another going over. WHO the hell said writing was easy?

In other news my new reviews for Fallen Angel Reviews are up on my review site. The Clayton’s Conference is coming together, hoping to have that sorted well in advance of time. I got the judges score sheets from the Valerie Parv Contest and my scores were much the same
as other judges so that was good. I’ve joined a group that is working their way through Donald Maass’s Writing the Breakout Novel workbook, now this I’m looking forward to, it should help me with my conflict problems. Oh and I got my books from Amazon that I ordered, so excited. I also bought a couple of books from Borders the other day, yes I’ve well and truly used up my book budget for the next few months, except for the Margie Lawson course I’m going to get. All I need is time to read them all.
Okay sitting here chatting like this is not going to get anything done. I’ll be BACK.

Happy writing.


Shayne Collier said...

Go Sandie!

jennjmcleod said...

Oh I like the sound of that Donald Maass group. Keep at it Sandie. I'm rootin' for ya!

Cathryn said...

Wow! You've lots on your plate.

I know what you mean about conflict. It took me ages to realise its importance (I'm a slow learner) but now I can see how it drives everything.

Good luck with all your projects, Sandie. And I hope your computer doesn't have any more "male" moments!

Eleni Konstantine said...

You slack? Never Sandie. I get exhausted just reading all you do. No not slack at all. Just a busy busy gal.

Good luck with it all.