Wednesday, June 17, 2009

So What's Happening.

Well in my neck of the woods, not much. I started the 50/30 challenge with a bang. Writing was going well, editing moving along at a good pace and then, it all fell in a heap. So I'm sitting on just over 16,000 words for the month and 42 pages edited. Now I admit that's not too bad, but I had hoped to be a lot further along.

Now all my characters have disappeared. Can you believe it? I've opened four different WIPs today and nothing. Well except for 417 words to Surrender and that was like pulling teeth. It is painful and pitiful and down right frustrating. This would have to be the worst challenge I have ever done.

I'm thinking for the rest of this week, I might just concentrate on my editing. Get that done out of the way and hope by next week the MIA characters return ready to play nicely.

I also have one more novel to read and do a review on for FAR, sent four reviews in today. YAY. So all is not lost. Well not yet anyway.
See ya next time.


Monique Wood said...

You've achieved a lot this month, Sandie! Your word count is excellent, as is you ed page count.

Fingers crossed for the next couple of weeks!

Anita Joy said...

Sandie, you have done really well, especially considering you've faced some personal challenges of late. I'm sure those MIA will return with a vengence and you'll have them all yabbering at you at once!

Kerri Williams writer of romance said...

dont think for a second you havent done well this month. i think you're amazing.