Monday, March 1, 2010

Margie Lawson - Empowering Character's Emotions & Other Things

I am starting Margie Lawson’sEmpowering Character’s Emotions’ today, (well later tonight). I’m really looking forward to this course and hoping to be able to put the needed emotion into my characters and novels. There are a few Aussies doing the course with me, Diane Curran (who was the one to give me the push to the course on line), Suzanne Brandyn (Suz is one of my fellow NewMait members), Natalie Hatch, Shayne Collier (Shayne is a fellow Bootcamper), Chris Weston, Louise Ousby and Lesley Smith, I think that’s all of us so far.

Diane has set up a separate loop for us to be able to discuss the course between us, as well as talk about homework set down by Margie.

On the writing front, I’m moving forward slowly. I’m enjoying Paula Roe’s ‘A Novel in 3 Months’ and have managed to get myself into some form of routine. Writing a plan for each scene before I start writing each day is helping, so hopefully by the time I’m finished the editing won’t take too long in future.

‘Having Her Best Friend’s Baby’ is delivering a few surprises, like the parents from hell for my poor heroine. No wonder Lexie has issues. As for my hero, well he has enough on his plate trying to avoid his new step-mummy who has her sights set on him (this I did not see coming).
With my Regency romance, I’m really enjoying this one. Except for the fact that the heroine has changed her name three times LOL. H/H have had their first meeting and she is not impressed, he on the other hand has already started to work out ways to get the newly widowed Lady Mounthall into his bed.

I have the outlines with GMC and character charts on my novel blog if you’re interested.
Well that’s all my news for now.

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