Monday, March 15, 2010

Working with Margie

Empowering Characters’ Emotions with Margie Lawson is going well. Of course there are gaping holes in my writing, too much yellow highlight, not enough body language. Too much tell, no enough showing.

The joys of being an aspiring author, I have no idea why I thought the writing was the easy part. LOL. On a bright note, I am really enjoying Margie’s course and think I’ll do the Deep Editing: The EDITS System, Rhetorical Devices, and More in May. I can see a lot of work in front of me as I rework my way through my WIPs I’ve already started to edit.

I’ve had to have a rethink of my Regency romance, the English law pertaining to inheritance due to women. Nothing like having your great idea derailed. With the help for the RWAus Historical loop girls and some research, I think I may have an answer to my heroine’s dilemma, however I will have to do some rewriting when it comes to my subplot. At least words are being added to ‘Lady Mounthall’s Lover’, unlike ‘Having Her Best Friend’s Baby’.

It’s not that Lexie and James’ story wasn’t working, it is more a case of hours in the day. I’m editing one complete novel, as well as writing and editing another as I go. I’m testing out my CP, Heather Brown’s, idea of writing one day and editing the next, to see if that will help when I come to the end of the novel.

I’m still reading Paula Roe’s blog each week, to stay on top of her ‘A Novel in 3 Months’, as I’m using some of her writing techniques with ‘Lady Mounthall’s Lover’, it is all good. Of course, I am still finding out things about my characters, especially my Hero, The Duke of Chesterfield. I discovered the other day he has alternate motives to pursue heroine, Lady Josephine Mounthall.
If you’re interested in finding out more about how “Lady Mounthall’s Lover’ is progressing, I’ll be posting an update on my Novel blog later this week. For now, it is time to organise dinner for my hubby.

Catch you next week.

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