Monday, January 14, 2008


Okay! I am now well and truly sick of myself. I've done no writing since before Christmas. Done very little editing and I'm NOT HAPPY!!!!! Does anyone know of someone with a size twenty foot? You know someone who could give me a boot where the sun don't shine. "I need something" she says looking to the heavens for answers. No, that's not working. I waited a good fifteen seconds. Got nothing. OH well, sigh, scratches forehead. Better watch out for splinters. I haven't used it for so long it's probably turned to wood. Sigh, again.
Head in hands looking at my new flat screen. (Well it was before I wrote that sentence.) Did I tell you I got a new flat screen Monitor? Yep. My step-mother-in-law gave us some money for Chrissy, so we put some to it and got this great screen. I love it!!
I'm going to Borders tomorrow to look for some more books. I plan to spend at least two hours in there. I looooove Borders. I have a few novels I'm chasing up by some of my online friends. Oh and of course some more reference books. Love my books. I joined a online book club thingy, it's called Goodreads. There's a link just to the left. I've started to put in all the books I've read, books TBR. This has made me realise just how much reading I have to do, and how much I've already done.
Well that's me for awhile. If you come across anyone who could give me a good boot, let me know. Have a good week, or at least a good few days until I get back to write some more dribble.

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