Friday, January 4, 2008

Friday Night and Feeling ??????

What was my day like today? I went to the doctors, he now thinks I might have an ulcer. An ulcer what good is that to ME!! Blood pressure was not bad, not good, but better then last time. YEH. Kidney fiction is down again. BOOHOO. I got into trouble from my hubby and daughter because I didn't tell my doctor everything, but I get in there and my mind goes blank, (okay my mind is blank a lot of the time) it's like I don't know, I just forget half the things I should be telling him. Anyway I have to have more blood test, yuck another needle. Then I have to have a gastroscopy, needles AGAIN!! Have I told you I HATE needles? Yeah I'm sure I did. I had hubby home with me today, he has my flu, (poor baby) nothing like sharing.

On the writing front, I looked over a couple of my WIP. My plan is to get back into it all again next week. I have spend waaaay too long letting Miss P run my life, so she is out the door. It's a pity it's not winter here here I could have kicked her out in the cold to freeze her buns off. Anyway she is going to be out of here.

I also joined Anne Whitfield's Historical Fiction Book site. It's a place where authors, publishers and readers of historical fiction can chat and swap information. It's something like Bebo and MySpace on a smaller scale at the moment. But they are all so friendly. So click on my badge on the side or here and and it will take you to my Site. I also joined Novel Sisterhood it's a Yahoo group of romance authors and readers. It's run by Mary Martinez, Cindy Spencer Pape, Rita Karnopp, Judith Rochelle and Elyssa Lynne. Mary is going to have Workshops on I think it's the 3rd Sunday of each month. You have to be a member to participate so go to to join. Both groups are growing fast.

What else have I been doing with Miss P to waste time? Well I re-designed my MySpace site and Made my own Bebo skin (which I was quite pleased with myself). I've done some more to my web page, but I think I might have to much on there, I think I'll take my photo page off. Oh and I've been playing on Facebook, Miss P is very happy with that site. She has lots of fun there. Oh and I've been sleeping, well laying around really and watching my Grey's Anatomy DVD's because I'm missing McDreamy. So that is me for today, catch ya again soon.

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