Friday, January 7, 2011

Frantic Friday ~ Finding Time

I started the year with good intentions, so far they are not working. I have on a few occasions opened my current MS folder, added a couple of words, looked at my research, my plot notes then started at the screen waiting hoping by some small miracle the movie in my head would start playing again. So is this a case of plotting once again blocker my creative vibe? Now here lies the problem you see, because I really enjoyed doing the plotting, the planning, working out the scenes etc. I know one thing for sure, I have to come up with a solution to this problem and fast.

On another note, today is my Dad’s anniversary, as with everyone who has lost a parent it’s not easy. This year seems extra hard as my Mum seems to be having more bad times than good at the moment. God love her, she looks like an innocent small child when she tells us she is trying to be good and not get out of bed during the night. Lately I’ve been thinking about what Dad would want us to do, there is one thing I know it would break his heart to see Mum as she is now. I also know he would be pleased to know we are all here for Mum and being one of six does have its plus sides at these times.

I also have to go to a funeral today, one of my uncles passed away earlier this week. Actually, he was my last surviving uncle. He was an uncle who had a lot of influence on my younger life and always had a joke or funny anecdote to share. I know that no matter when I think of Uncle Don, I’ll always do so with a smile.

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