Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday's Male ~ Colonel Christopher Brandon

To start the New Year I'm finishing the series of blogs I should have posted well before Christmas. Here I look at the second of Marianne Dashwoods suitors, Colonel Christopher Brandon.

Unlike the dashing John Willoughby, Brandon is the grave, quiet, but gentlemanly in his manner. At 35, Marianne considers Brandon something of an old man and incapable of falling in love or inspiring anyone to love him in return.

When Willoughby breaks Marianne’s heart it is the Colonel who is there for her, over time their friendship becomes love and the for the first time Christopher Brandon understands what love is like.

In the 1971 adaptation of Sense and Sensibility actor, Richard Owens played the role of Colonel Christopher Brandon. Like a few of the adaptations I haven’t yet seen this series, so I can’t comment on Richard’s performance.

Robert Swann stepped into the role Brandon in the 1981 BBC series Sense and Sensibility. This was one on the better portrayals of Brandon I think, at least this Brandon showed more interest in Marianne than just her beauty and singing ability.

In 1995, Ang Lee directed the film version of Sense and Sensibility. Starring in the role of Colonel Brandon was acclaimed British actor Alan Rickman. Rickman was nominated for BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role.

In 2008, Sense and Sensibility moved once again back to the small screen with another BBC adaptation of this classic. This time the role of Brandon was played by David Morrissey. I haven’t see this version but I have heard that Brandon and Marianne are closer in age in this version so I’m not sure how that would play out in the story line.

I’m bringing you Miss Marianne Dashwood on Women on Wednesday, so will catch up with you then. In the mean time have a great week.

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