Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday's Male ~ Do you tailor your Heroes after anyone?

Have you had days where you know you should have done something but can’t for the life of you remember what that something was? I’ve had a couple of those days. Yesterday and again today, a little niggle at the back of my brain saying, ‘What have you forgot to do? Your there is something? Think woman.’ Yes well I’ve remembered. My Blog! So much for being organized. LOL.

So I’m going to talk briefly because I quickly running out of time to post my ‘Monday’s Male’ and I can’t have ‘Monday’s Male on Tuesday’. This month I’m looking at the physical aspects of our heroes.

At one of our NewMait Writers meeting last year we talked about tailoring our heroes after people we know like family and friends. I don’t do this normally as I prefer to keep my writing and personal life separate. Do you tailor your hero after anyone?

The closes I’ve come is with eye colour, most of the time my heroes either have blue or brown eyes, and I think that is because my husband and son have blue eyes and my dad had brown eyes. With that in mind, here are a few of the sets of blue and brown eyes that have caught my attention when looking for a likeness to my hero.

Aren’t these the most beautiful blue eyes you have ever seen on a man? These ones I think I will use as one of my shapeshifter stories, along with these. Plotting - sort of.

Patrick is my hero in one of my partially written stories, ‘His Surprised FiancĂ©e’. Again I started with the eyes and built from there. On hold.

 Rob Lowe, his eyes were the ones I envisioned when I started to write ‘Rich Man’. All I had were a set of vivid blue eyes, then I saw a photo of Rob and knew he was the one I wanted. In the editing mode.

Eric like my ‘Mr. Beautiful Blue Eyes’ is tagged for a shapeshifter.
Plotting - sort of.

Orlando is my hero in my first Regency Romance. A current WIP.

While Johnny is the hero in ‘By Her Father’s Design’. Another one being edited.

See you Wednesday with ‘Women who touched my life’.

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