Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday Supper for 12 People - November

Sunday Supper
Each Sunday I will post a menu for six to twelve people from Mrs Beeton's Household Management.

November Dinner for 12 People

First Course

Hare Soup

Julienne Soup

Baked Cod

Soles a la Normandie


Riz de Veau Tomatoes

Lobster Patties

Mutton Cutlets and Soubise Sauce

Croutades of Marrow aux fines Herbs

Second Course

Roast Sirloin Beef

Braised Goose

Boiled Fowls and Celery Sauce

Bacon-cheek, garnished with Sprouts

Third Course

Wild Ducks


Apples a la Portugaise

Bavarian Cream

Apricot-jam Sandwiches

Charlotte a la Vanille

Plum pudding

Dessert and Ices

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