Thursday, May 22, 2014

At Your Service ~ Outdoor Staff

Head Gardener
Like the head groom the head gardener was management and therefor upper staff, yet his position outside the house prohibited him from occupying a position in the house's upper servant's. Also like the stable master his position of authority had its compensations. Because a grand estate's grounds  were as important to impressing guests as the chef's skill, the head gardener could earn a very high wage, as much as 120 pounds ($12,800) per year.

Grounds Keepers
The general laborers under the head gardener. They'd do everything from planting trees to cutting grass. Eight to 16 pounds ($850- $1,700) per year depending on age and ability.

Game Keeper
Responsible for maintaining the bird population of the estate so that the Master and guests would have game birds, such as pheasant, to hunt.  Also responsible for firearms, ammunition, and supplies needed to lend to guests.  Not directly responsible for the family’s personal arsenal. Thirty to 50 pounds
($3,100- $5,400) per year.

Gate Keeper

This is another servant hard to categorize. His job was to guard the main entrance to the estate and often lived in a small house attached to the gate. Yet he would be classed as unskilled labor and as such would occupy a low position on the servant's hierarchy and receive a commensurately low salary, perhaps as little as 10 pounds ($1,100) per year.

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