Saturday, August 23, 2014

Stitches on Saturday ~ EMBROIDERY PATTERNS - Part One

From Mrs Beeton’s Book of Needlework

131.--Insertion in Embroidery.

Material: Messrs. Walter Evans and Co.'s embroidery cotton No. 16.

This insertion is worked in raised satin stitch and buttonhole stitch. The outlines must first be traced and the space filled up with chain stitches. To work a leaf, begin at the point, working from right to left, making short stitches, and always inserting the needle close above the outline and drawing it out below. The holes left for the ribbon to pass through are worked in plain button-hole stitch, the dots are worked in raised satin stitch.

132.--Insertion in Embroidery and Stitching.

Materials: Messrs. Walter Evans and Co.'s embroidery cotton Nos. 10 and 16.

The veinings of this pretty insertion must be worked in overcast stitch (No. 68, Embroidery Instructions), the leaves and flowers in raised satin stitch, the scallops in button-hole stitch, and the outer edge of the leaves in back stitch (No. 70, Embroidery Instructions) with No. 10 cotton.
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