Thursday, December 13, 2007


Yes! That is what I am doing!!!!!

I’ve been very bad since the last SVEN check in. I haven’t done a thing and there is no real good reason for it. I could have found the time if I wanted too.

So what have I been doing? I’ve been visiting family and friends for Christmas. Oh and I had my grandson for a couple of days because he was sick and couldn’t go to sick. He is such a crack up. He’s eight going on eighty.

Anyway I need to get back into editing and writing. I’ve come up with some more novel ideas, just what I need more people in my head. Oh and writing long hand sucks. I’m still resting my wrist as much as possible, not that it is helping any. I think that is why I’m letting little Miss Procrastinate talk me out of doing anything on my WIP. Just the thought of having to write long hand only to have to type it all into the computer later. No it far easier just to leave it. See this is what happens when we get to used to all our mod cons. We turn into lazy, lazy people. Well I have anyway.

So I’ve had my whinge, it is now time to pick my butt up and do some work.

Until next time. Happy writing.
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