Thursday, December 6, 2007

Post NaNo

NaNo has come to an end and I'm ??????

I have a new Website: so pop over and have a look if you get time. I have a direct link back to here as well as some of my other sites.

I've started doing some editing. Not getting very far, but at least I've started. I went to the phyiso on Tuesday. Big trouble. Yep she told me I'm not to do any extensive typing for a few months until my tendon heals. All the typing I did during November was not a good thing, even if I was using my right hand for the larger part.

Got my results back from a comp I entered. I have too much back story and my sentences run into each other. Always have talked without drawing a breath, guess my writing is the same.

One another note I have a few friends still in the Karin Tabke, One Line Comp. YA Aussie's, the girls are going great guns.

Well I really should try and get some housework done today and some more editing. So until next time, hope you all enjoy the rest of your week. And may the word fairy tap you on the shoulder and give you loads of inspiration.

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