Monday, May 19, 2008

Getting People Out Of My Head

As most of you well know by now the talented Rachel Charlton received a full request for her novel ‘On a Wing and a Prayer’. Now this was no ordinary request (and if you knew RC you would know nothing is ordinary about this girl and I mean that in the nicest possible way. Hehehe. ) So back to the story, an editor read her extract on one of her blog sites and requested a full copy of the story. YAYAYA. As you can imagine RC has been running around like a chook with its head cut off trying to get MS polished and sent off as well as doing up new web spots because she decided to have a pseudonym. Out of all this Rhian Cahill was born you can visit her Wordpress Blog here or her new MySpace here. So fingers crossed everyone (well when you’re not typing that is) that we hear good news in regard RC’s submission soon.

So, you may be wondering what all this has to do with people in my head. The thing is I decided months ago that I would write under a pseudonym for my erotic novels. Well if I decided to submit them for publication. Now as most of you know I have a thing for blogs, websites etc, as Sandie Hudson. What you don’t know is that I also have a website, blog and MySpace for my alter egos. I say alter egos because I have three. (Yes I know I am a sad woman who doesn’t know who she is anymore.)

So let me introduce you to my other halves. Sandie Roberts is who I will write under for my children’s books. I chose Roberts because my Dad and Father-In-Law were both Robert. Now I haven’t done a lot with these sites yet so I won’t give you the links yet.

Sandra Carrington was my first chose for writing erotic romance but I’m thinking she may have a far raunchier side than I first thought. I’ll see how I go. Anyway here are her sites. Website, MySpace, Blog. How I came up with her name is I used my own first name and then the town I grow up in.

Cassandra Cornell well she came about because there was already a Cassandra Carrington. See I was going to change Sandra to Cassandra, but it didn’t work. I chose Cornell because that was my Dad’s mother’s maiden name. And she’d get a kick out of me writing erotic novels I think. Anyway Cassandra's sites are here; website, blog, MySpace. So if you feel like visiting go ahead.

Do you think I could have split personality syndrome? Or maybe I just haven’t found the real me. Anyway that is at least two people out of my head and these two have the good sense to only work on one novel at a time. Or is that just me still working on the novels?

Oh and by the way Diane Curran has come out of the closet so to speak, (with her writing I mean) she has a new blog spot so visit her here Diane Curran.

Okay now that I have completely scared the living day lights out of you all, and you will be giving me a very wide berth from now on, I’ll catch ya later.

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