Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I've Been Slack Again

I've been so slack this week, it's as if I reached my target and that's it. I really wanted to have at least one more of my WIP's finished, but my hero and heroine have gone off to places unknown. They were last noted as having sex on her kitchen table. I guess this is what happens when you leave your character doing the horizontal tango for too long. Anyway I have found a couple of other willing couples ready to play.

One is a new work altogether, yeah I know like I NEED A NEW WIP. It's like got two finished and move out (or at least into a new area of the Brain Motel) and more move in to take their place. The second one I'm working on is one I've done a little bit with and they shouted the loudest so got moved up a couple of spots. I'm hoping against hope that I may be able to make these two novellas rather than novels. I'd like to have a go at writing a 'Spice Briefs',so I'll see how I go word wise, I tend to go waaaaaaaaaay over.

I've also been trying to organize my work area, you know try and keep it in some sort of order. At least I can now sit at my computer and not have piles of folders and books falling all over me.

I'm off to write some more.

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