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Look Who's Talking - Suzi Love

Today I am joined by talented Historical Romance author Suzi Love. Suzi thank you for taking part in my ‘Look Who’s Talking’ post.

A bit about Suzi:
Suzi lives in the northern state of Queensland, known for sunshine and golden beaches.
She has also lived in outback Australia and in two South Pacific countries.
She has been lucky enough to travel through lots of other countries, inspired the exotic settings for her books.

1.      What couldn’t you live without?
a)      Computer
b)      Mobile phone
c)      Your car
My pink laptop has become my premiere fashion accessory ( according to my family) because it is always with me : under my arm, on my lap, in the car, on planes etc.
Yes my laptop is my first choice followed very closely by my car. (But only so I can visit my mum).

2. If you could live anywhere in the world other than Australia where would it be and why?

I’d love to go back to Vanuatu and live there again. Gorgeous weather ( except for the cyclones of course) Because I love the beaches, the relaxed way of life, and the friendly people.
Vanuatu sounds so lovely, very peaceful. My youngest sister lived there for a while.   

3.  Whom do you admire most past or present? Why?

I’ve always thought Walt Disney was one of the most imaginative and awe-inspiring men on our planet. His cartoons, shows, and movies give so many people so much fun and as for the Disney theme parks? Awesome! Best places ever for having fun.
Walt Disney was an inspiration to many people I think Suzi. He had great insight back in his day I think. I know I loved watching the ‘Mickey Mouse Club’ when I was a kid.

4. A genie will grant you three wishes. What would they be?

To find an explanation for why people get Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue so that these crippling illnesses can be prevented in the future.
To send me to live with Keanu Reeves and be his ‘personal assistant’.
Yum Keanu Reeves, who wouldn’t like to be his personal assistant. It would be wonderful to be able to find about many of the debilitating illnesses. My mum had Huntington’s so I’d love to find a cure for that. I’m lucky in that I don’t carry the gene so my children and grandchildren won’t suffer from it.

5. Do you have a new release coming out soon or have you just released a novel?

Scenting Scandal has just launched and it’s the second in my Scandalous Siblings Series. Laura and Richard get their own book and have loads of fun even while scandalizing The Beau Monde in London.

Would you like to share an extract?

“Half an hour at most until we can end this farce. Then we’ll be free to bid each other a far-from-fond farewell.”
The Earl snorted, the indelicate sound contrasting with the refined air he presented this morning in his long charcoal frock coat with tailored sleeves displaying decorative gold buttons. A gold-threaded gray vest fitted snugly underneath, while a gold bar sporting an enormous topaz winked from the elaborate folds of his thrice-about neckcloth.
Laura twisted her neck a little more and looked lower. Immaculate trousers – with the newer style front fastening instead of a buttoned-over flap – covered an acre of legs and finished at blindingly-polished walking boots.
Living up to her family title of Miss Inquisitive, she moved her gaze higher again and back to his thigh’s evident musculature, honed from time spent on horseback. The mechanics, and easy access, of one row of buttons down the simplified closing on his trousers fascinated her, purely from a scientific point of view.
Botheration. The air had warmed all of a sudden. She lifted her ivory and lace fan. Even waving the fragile creation rapidly back and forth didn’t dispel her flush. Not blush, as she’d never admit to such a state. Dealing with the Earl might be a hardship, but she and her sisters had never found it taxing to peruse the Earl’s decidedly-masculine physique. She risked one more peek. No, not difficult at all. When her appraisal reached his face, she saw a wide smile and a display of even white teeth, and she smiled in return.
“Uh, uh,” he said, wagging a finger. “You misunderstand the reasons for my happier expression. Unlike you, I’m looking forward to the next three months and the chance to study your fiscal strategies. I’d like to compare my investing skills to those of your astute sister’s.”
His mouth widened into a roguish grin. “I’m also flattered by your scrutiny of my anatomy and amused by your blush, especially after your studies into animal reproduction.”
Her free hand flew to her cheek and her heavy reticule knocked her arm. “I never blush.” To have him observe her ogle him was embarrassing and gave her another reason to be irritated by his company, petty though her reasons might be. She tugged, but her hand was imprisoned under his. With her nose raised a fraction, she said, “For the sake of propriety, I was ensuring your garments were intact. You’ve a reputation for disappearing into dark corners and re-emerging with your clothing askew. As though hasty hands ripped your garments from your body.”
“Tut, tut, my pet. Has jealousy driven you to spying?”
“Jealousy? Over the class of females you consort with? I was reassuring myself your clothing was intact for the sake of my elderly aunt. The entire congregation watched that woman, the Countess, beckon you to the back of the church. Heaven knows what you were doing while the bride and groom were signing the register.”
Winchester chuckled, long and low. “I doubt even my sullied reputation could support the story that I dragged the Countess into a shadowy niche for a quick tumble. At least, not with my sisters watching me like hawks.” He dipped his head closer. “I may excel at dispensing pleasure, but I like more than a few minutes to enjoy a rendezvous.”
She forced herself to stand motionless, to not react to his latest coarse taunt. “I’ve no interest,” she said, between calming breaths, “in knowing any details of how you entertain–”

Suzi, what a fantastic extract. I can see these are going to be great together.

I’d love to donate Books 1 and 2 in the Scandalous Siblings Series, because even though Scenting Scandal is a standalone historical romance, I think it’s more fun to read a series from the start.

For your chance to win Suzi’s novels just leave a comment.
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Thank you Suzi for your time.

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