Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Words on Wednesday – A Words

From Samuel Johnson’s Dictionary 1755

abáft adv. From the fore-part of the ship, towards the stern. Dict

abannition  n.s. A banishment for one to two years, among the ancients, for manslaughter. Dict

abracadabra. A superstitions charm against agues.

acclivous adj. A rising with a slope.

adépt n.s. ae That is completely skilled in all the secrets of his art. It is, in its original signification appropriated to the chymists, but is now extended to other artists.

agonistes n.s. A prized fighter; one that contends at public solemnity for a prize.

alamóde adv. According to the fashion: a low word. It is used likewise by shopkeepers for a kind of thin silken manufacture.

allubéscency n.s. Willingness; content. Dict

anacámptick ajd. Reflecting, or reflected an anacámptick sound, an echo: an  anacámptick hill, a hill that produces an echo.

anfráctuose, anfractuous adj. Winding: mazy; full of turning and winding passages.

anorexy n.s. Inappetency or loathing of food. Quincy.

apitpat adv. With quick palpitation.

arrision n.s. A smiling upon. Dict.

aurioátion n.s. The art or practice of driving carriages. Dict.

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